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About Nefertum - The Egyptian God of Healing, Beauty and Perfumes


Nefertum (God of Healing, Beauty and Perfumes)

Today, there are a lot of premium perfume brands introducing perfumes inspired by; incited by the God of Nefertum

Going back to history, Nefertum is an ancient god depicted in the Egyptian mythology, Nefertum was also called as Nefertum or Nefer-temu.  

Nefertum was born from a blue Lotus Bud. It is said that he represented sunrise and the mankind was created from his tears. His statue is being portrayed as a beautiful young man having blue water-lily flowers around his head. So, he was given titles such as, “He who is beautiful” and “water Lily of the sun”

He was closely connected with the sun, life and with the Lotus. He loved sweet things, pleasantly smelling Flowers. He always had a flower chaplet over his head and this is even depicted in his statue. He is, that's why, known as the God of perfumes.

Symbols: Lotus, Perfume

Relationship: He was the son of the god Ptah and the goddess Sekhmet

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